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05-16-2005, 08:05 AM
Hey All,

The continuing saga....ever since I bought my boat the starter has been a bit weak shall we say. Actually its prolly the solenoid's fault, so here's the deal...originally just after purchase, most every time you turned the key to "start" it would click...after about three clicks, it would crank....so I had the starter rebuilt wit ha new solenoid installed. For the first day or so, all was well, then the "click of death" reared its ugly head again. After several days/week we were pretty much back to the original problem. I have been very careful to make sure the mating surfaces are clean and I believe all connections are good and tight - the only one I haven't actually redone is the big one coming direct from the battery...

So I decided to investigate by taking the solenoid apart. In the pic (very blurry, sorry) you can see where there's been some arcing from the center disc out to the copper contact point on the underside of the cap. My first solution was to tunr the contact point 180 degrees so it presented a "fresh" side to the disc, this seemed to help the problem...for about a week :(

But at least I knew what was up....and then the season ended....so I've been livng with the "click, click, click" unti lthis weekend when I tore the solenoid apart again and took the picture...while I had it apart I cleaned and lightly sanded/filed off the arcing/burned marks. Upon re-assembly...same thing - no help... :confused:

So, here's the question(s) - what is causing this arcing/burning? Should I just try replacing the solenoid? Any other info is much appreciated...


05-17-2005, 08:12 AM
See follow-on post over in Electrical - Starter & Solenoid...