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02-21-2009, 03:48 PM
Has anyone else been? http://www.ncboatshows.com/show.php/eventId/8 I've been going to this show for 10 years and the first one is when I bought my 205.

At the show our local MC dealer had 4 X-series boats which were actually 08 models and pushed so close to each other you couldn't get a full view of them. They didnt have a 214V which I was hoping to see (or a MC300!) . The 25K cashback sign was there also :rolleyes:

Malibu, Nautique, and Supra all had more boats with really nice setups. Nicest IMHO goes to Whitelake Marine (SN). They are in the new building right at the entance. This was the only dealer who asked about the type of skiing we do and also invited us to come down for a slalom behind one we were checking out.

Coble Ski School has a booth and we chatted with April Coble for a few minutes. Can't wait to bing the kids down for a ski camp week. Really nice folks. She also has some items from her pro shop for sale. This was a nice addition since Overtons pulled out a few years back.

Thats it! Loads of runabouts and pontoon boats. The kids had a blast climbing in all them and only cost me $7 for some morning fun.

02-21-2009, 04:21 PM
It will be much the same for BOATS UNLIMITED, Greensboro, at the Central Carolina Boat show in Greensboro. Very few MC,s to even make the visit worthwhile.