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02-18-2009, 08:19 PM
I am looking at buying a 1998 Maristar 200 VRS with the 5.7L Corvette LT-1 340 HP engine. The engine has 457 hours which is a little high for the Midwest. (shorter season). Any ideas on the value of the boat? Present price is $20,500 but I want to negotiate. I have looked through the Marketplace, ABOS and several other online boat sales.

Any opinions on the plus and minus of this engine?

Back in the day, I did some skiing, but spinal back fusion, replaced knee and old age have greatly reduced those times. Looking for boat to cruise in, can't stand pontoons, and something to get the grandkids into skiing.

I would value any feedback.

I can eMail some pics if needed.


02-18-2009, 10:05 PM
Mattsn, I think you will see most late 90's vdrives priced in the lower $20's. I talked to Paul at Redline last month about what they would be selling one for approx. He said that in the south they seem to be a bit cheaper than what they go for up north.

I have the 1997 200VS with the LT1 329 hp listed at $20,000 and it has 212 hours on it and the boat is in great shape. I think a one year newer boat would sell for about $20-25. All boat sellers know we might have to negotiate so if the boat is in awesome shape I think that is a good price. The NADA value will be lower than what it will sell for as Mastercraft's hold their value better usually about $5000 better in most cases.


02-19-2009, 06:44 AM
I think that number seems to be in the ballpark, especially because it's got the Corvette motor...I've got a '98 225 Maristar, wish I had that motor in mine! Just my 2 cents, but if its in really good condition, that price is close, but its a buyer's market right now, so you're in a good place to negotiate. As far as the hours go, I've got over 600 on mine now, still running great over the 4 years that I've owned mine now. I like to think that mine is pretty efficient with the gas too...with a 60 gallon tank, we only fill up a handful of times each year.

02-19-2009, 05:17 PM
Mattsn -
If the boat is in good shape, that's a good price IMHO.

Great family boat, but not well liked by the skiers in our crowd - at 28-30, the wake is a bit large for their ('94 PS190 tuned) tastes. Works fine for beginning and intermediate skiing, though. Lots of room inside - it doesn't start getting crowded until you get over 5 adults and 2 kids.

I have the same boat with the MX-Plus engine. Plenty of power for me, but the LT-1 should be better. There are a lot of past threads that discuss the LT-1, so you might want to search.

Let me know if you have any questions.