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02-14-2009, 12:50 AM
What are the major differences in the '07 and "08 X-2? There are some considerable price differences and if the the boats aren't all that different I might look into an '07 because up until now I have only been looking for an '08.

02-14-2009, 01:30 AM
This was from an old post I dug up. Some applies to your question, some doesn't. You can take what you need from it.

Here's a change list for 08'

Higher bimini
VDIG with integrated PP Wakeboard Pro - including the PP quick engage pushbutton on sidepanel
Dual oxygen sensors per side on the MCX ETX-CAT system (vs single)
New speaker grilles (on later 2008 boats. Early builds still had old school)
Exhaust system changes (early 08's had 07' systems, later 08's had the new system)
Folding swim platform

As far as exhaust goes - that is a personal preference. MC messed with the exhaust tips after 2007. The 07's have the stainless steel tips. In 08' they changed over to the black flapper with MC bling on the flapper. Different internal baffling. This resulted in a louder throatier sounding boat. Some folks love it. Some folks hate it. Some folks don't care. You should just know about it before you test drive so you can pay attention and decide for yourself. Only you know your neighbors and if you want to have an effortless conversation with friends while underway in the cockpit.

The tower was changed from 06' to 07'. The 07' towers swayed and bounced a lot in rough water. MC came out with a brace kit to fix it. Make sure the 07' has that kit. I believe it became standard sometime in 2008. Not sure if early 08's didn't have it from the factory - so check that too. I doubt you'll find any 2008's out there without the braces.

Ballast was raised a bit in the 09' model year.