View Full Version : Engine Cover - Salt Water

01-22-2009, 03:02 PM
ON X-15, maybe others, water that lands on the engine cover (from a rider getting out of the water, wetsuit, life jacket, etc) drains to the back. Instead of it draining right off the back of the boat, the water ends up draining down on-top of the back of the engine (it lands on the heat exchanger for SS). Having sea water draining on top of the enigine is not good.

I am having to modify the boat so that the water is caught and then drained out the back of the boat. I will be careful to not stand on top of the engine cover for long periods of time while water is running off my wetsuit. However, I can't controll everyone, dogs, or even wet seals who sometimes nap there in the middle of the night.

The engine cover should be modified so that if any water that lands on it either drains out the back of the boat (ideal) or at least drains onto the floor or bildge (not via the motor).

While you are at it - why not have the water from the floor of the boat go into a seperate compartment (not the bildge) and have it pumped out of the engine (in an attempt to make the bildge as dry as possible). On the X-15, the drains that go right out the back of the boat are not practical. They would not actually help until you had ankle deep water in your boat (not likely) - in which case tons of water would be going into the bildge via the floor drain anyway.