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Matt L.
01-18-2009, 05:00 PM
1990 240sc

I'm currently very far from my boat and trying to order stuff so I can hit it hard when I get home.

I'm re-wiring everything from the batteries to the starter and up to the ignition system.

What size (AWG) Battery cable should I use. I'm using all tinned copper Marine Grade wiring connectors and running everything one size bigger than original.

I'm also installing the Borg Warner R3098 with dual Batteries under the back seats.

Any Idea on length of red and black Batt cable, and the size and number of connection terminals needed would be welcomed. Any other suggestions are welcomed since I'm trying to mentally visualize and list everything I need without actually being able to lay hand on my boat!



AWG Wire Specs
Wire Size (AWG) Nominal OD Weight per 1000' Cir.Mil. Area Square mm Ohms per
2 15/32" 277# 66,500 33.62 0.157 210
1 17/32" 350# 83,690 44.21 0.127 245
1/0 9/16" 437# 105,600 53.49 0.099 285
2/0 5/8" 549# 133,000 67.43 0.077 330

01-30-2009, 11:37 AM
Matt, I've got a 240SC and been working on some wiring issues myself. Please keep me posted of your project if you don't mind and I'd love any wiring diagrams you may generate or have. Thanks!!!