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01-04-2009, 11:51 PM
Hi folks

I've been doing some serious thinking about starting up a ski school (for beginner/intermediate levels only) here in Massachusetts, & I'm looking for some thoughts/opinions/advice on what it takes. I'm mostly looking for experience, & while I'd rather get some experience at an established school, there aren't really any that I know of in new england.

So - anyone done this before? The biggest hurdles I'm anticipating are insurance, certification, & relatively low demand near Boston. Any wisdom you experienced veterans care to impart on me?

Thanks for your help!

01-05-2009, 08:31 AM
Where are do you live? Where would you offer the school? I'm in Milford.

I don't know how much success it will have, but I don't think you will know until you try it.

Are you thinking skiing, boarding or both?

Insurance would be the biggest obstacle I'd think.

01-05-2009, 08:32 AM
You might talk to the guys at NEFWM. Jaysus and Ridersdad here on the forum. Ridersdad's sons are pro boarders I believe.

01-05-2009, 09:31 AM
A lot of money and really good insurance with high limits. A good business plan will help, too.

No Skeez
01-05-2009, 11:13 AM
Contact USA Waterski regarding ski school sanctioning. Obviously you would have to have your own insurance, but if you are a sanctioned USAWS ski school, you get additional liability insurance through them I believe. Click here (http://www.usawaterski.org/Default.asp) then click on Clubs, Camps and Schools on the left navigation bar.

01-05-2009, 07:52 PM
Short season where you are, maybe consider working for a summer camp instead as their waterski coach? Either that or add your services to a summer camp that doesn't offer waterskiing yet.

You have to talk to people that already have waterski schools and find out where to get insurance. You will also need a captains license, 6-pack at least. (the 6-pack license allows you to hire yourself out to no more than 6 paying customers at a time on your boat) You will also need to register your vessel as "commercial, for hire" (this may differ from state to state)

If you're a school teacher with nothing to do all summer, this idea might work. Otherwise, you will only have summer weekends, about 10 of them (20 days) Is it worth it?