View Full Version : Sunbrella Guide Pads with Capped Ends

12-16-2008, 05:19 PM
If your sick of your crummy guide pads fading, ripping, or leaving ink streaks on your boat I've got the answer...

Please check out MadDogProducts.com, you can buy Mastercraft specific 2" Diameter pads in a Heavy-Duty Sunbrella material and they even have capped ends hiding the PVC Caps...he just hooked up my X-80 and they are the bomb!

ask for Chris, he sells to Mastercraft and all of their dealers and he's very knowledgeable and polite, I used to buy from him when I worked at the largest Mastercraft dealer in NC...

tell him BG sent you, his number is 800-934-0840, they answer the phone Regal Connection because that's the name they use to sell to the dealers, MadDog is for the individual Boat Owner, same company, same ol' Chris kicking *** and taking names!