View Full Version : Recall on X-80 and Maristar 280 fuel tank vent line

11-28-2008, 07:46 PM
I received a certified letter from MC saying they determined and have reported to the USCG that in some instances normal expansion of the fuel tank vent line can result in the line coming in contact with the floorboard, the normal motion of the boat can over time cause abrasion or wearing of the line and could cause the line to rupture, this could allow fumes and possibly some fuel to enter the bilge area which creates the potential for explosion or fire if a spark in introduced. the dealers are required to install a bracket to fix this, they say do not operate the boat until this is fixed, I guess certain serial numbers apply, mine is an 06 model, if you have one of these models and didn't get a letter you might ask your dealer about this,