View Full Version : Ronix one or Hyperlite tribute?

11-28-2008, 07:34 PM
Trying to decide wich board i want, i am currently on a hyperlite Parks. I want a little more forgiving landing, and more speed. any help?

11-28-2008, 08:20 PM
Have you consider a LF Lyman? It is a fast board with great pop and a soft landing. It sets an edge fast. If you want a slightly slower and more controllable board with great pop, consider a LF Watson. Just a few other considerations for your list.

11-29-2008, 08:38 AM
If you are looking for something a little more forgiving go with the tribute, it is a great all around shape and will land MUCH softer than your parks. The Tribute has a beveled rail in the center yet sharp down turned rails at the tip and tail which means it will edge well without catching an edge.

The One is not going to be redically different than your board right now aside as they both have a pretty aggressive 3 stage rocker.

I've been riding the LF Witness this summer and would recommend that as well. It is very forgiving and super consistent. It will not have quite the pop that your Parks does but it is still one of my favorite boards ever.

I'm out of the shop this weekend but if you give me a call on Monday I'm sure I can hook you up with a TMC discount!

11-29-2008, 02:20 PM
One other thing.
whats the price range on it? Ive been seeing them all the way from 389.99 to 209.99.
Shoot me a PM with your number and ill try to give you a call!

11-30-2008, 07:59 AM
I'll be in at 10 on Monday, our number is 763-533-9666 I can't remember the pricing, depends on the model. I know we have a couple of 08's left though, plus we usually hook up MC owners.