View Full Version : Wisconsin/Illinois Wake Comps with [BS]

05-09-2005, 12:12 PM
Hey Everyone!

Just a reminder that our first 2 events are coming up FAST. Call me or Jayson at THE BOARD SHOP or email us to reserve your spot for the following:

May 30th, Lake Lawn Resort, Delavan, WI
June 4th, Lance Park, Twin Lakes, WI

Just a note: We've eliminated the "Advanced" division - the divisions are as follows:

Beginner (no inverts, 360's or Raley tricks)
Intermediate (3 or less of those tricks)
Outlaw (4 or more of those tricks)
Womens (no inverts - any inverts need to ride in Int or Outlaw)

These should be some really fun days - the Lake Lawn Resort is a SWEET location and they are doing a lot for this comp. The Twin Lakes comp is where the Aquanuts ski, and it's a great site with bleachers and stuff.

CALL OR EMAIL NOW! 262/248-1703 or [email protected]

Also, see www.bsboardshop.com/calendar for a full list of events!


06-05-2005, 09:28 PM
looks like i missed those...argh...any plans for some coming up? I'll talk to James F. and see if he knows anything...