View Full Version : Fuel Tank Sending Unit test??

10-31-2008, 09:27 PM
I have a 01 Maristar 230 VRS. I have a half a tank of gas and the fuel gauge says I'm full. I disconnected the fuel sender connector and the gauge reads empty. I have read the other threads and it appears as though these sending units just seem to go. This summer I recall having 3/4 a tank and an hour later it registered empty. Then I put $100 of gas in and it registered full (really was only half full). So the gauge is actually registering something other than full or empty but it's definitely not accurate. Can you tell me how to test the system? I was planning on pulling the sending unit tomorrow to try to narrow things down. I also have read that the empty and full adjustment screws can be adjusted but I'm thinking my issues is larger than this. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I mean besides not using a propane lantern when I pull the sending unit. lol.