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10-31-2008, 12:40 PM
Heres what I have boys and girls.. 97 PS190 w/ LT1 motor and the Hurth 1:1.03 trans.(not a powerslot, correct?) The current prop is a 4 blade stamped OJ504. The boat speedo only states that I get about 43MPH @ 5100ish RPM. I have never GPS it before to know if the speed is a little off or not. But seems like I should be getting a little more top end? Correct? A little back ground on the boat. It only has 170 hrs on it. It is in mint cond. and has been used very little and only for course skiing. I did find the diamond in the rough here. To be honest this boat has power to burn and I'd like a little more top end for speeding around the lake. Will a 3 blade prop rob me of that much power? Im looking for a nice smooth ride, plenty of power to pull up 180-225 Lbs. skiers, and somewhere in the high 40's MPH. Im I asking too much? My buddy has a 1999 coyote ski boat with 260HP, and 3 blade prop and that rips me out of the water just fine. The 97 LT1 is 330HP so I figure a switch to a 3 blade for more top end wont hurt the skiablility of the boat. Any idea what prop?

10-31-2008, 01:00 PM
I get about 43MPH @ 5100ish RPM. Im looking for somewhere in the high 40's MPH. Im I asking too much?
Probably. Unless the prop you have on it now is grossly mismatched to your engine/tranny combo (which does not sound like the case), and/or damaged, gaining 5mph from a prop change would be a near miracle. Im not at all familiar with your specific combo, but speaking in generalities, you probably stand to gain a bit by going to a 3-blade. I wouldnt expect more than 2-3mph at most- more likely 1-2mph, at best.

Edit- I just noticed that you have a '97 190. I assumed it was a newer hull with those performance numbers. Maybe it is possible to gain 5mph, as that hull is actually pretty fast. A friend's '95 190 (LT1, 1:1) will top out over 50, though he may have a magic hull/engine combo. High 40's should certainly be attainable, though- or so I should think.

10-31-2008, 01:06 PM
I thought that near 50ish wouldnt be asking that much. The manual specs have it at 47MPH.. Again, I do need to check it against the GPS to see where I stand. I think Im going to hafta go 3 blade.