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10-22-2008, 02:15 PM
I got this email about a laptop I as looking at on Craigslist...for reference this was about a 17" Macbook Pro.

Price: $500
For this product I offer free shipping.
This is new in sealed box and with 1 year warranty.
Shipping method: UPS Express.
Time delivery: 3-4 days.

This time I'm in United Kingdom for a business trip and I'm unable to process the PayPal payments.
For both protection I want to enrole this transaction in the eBay Protection Program system.
This is a 100% safe method.

Transaction process:
1. I'll send the package to you through eBay Protection Program Service.
2. eBay will inspect the package and will send you the notification with the payment details through email.
Also you will receive and the UPS tracking number.
With this you can verify the shipment status online.
3. You will send the payment through MoneyGram on the eBay officer name. You can find a MoneyGram location in any bank.
5. After you will send the money through MoneyGram you will reply with the notification received from eBay with the Reference Number and your complete name exactly how this appear on the MoneyGram receipt.
6. eBay will approve the payment and will delivery you the package through UPS Express.
7. After you will receive the package and you will inspect it you will inform eBay about that and they will release me the funds.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will don't send any money until you will not receive the tracking number from UPS.
Do not contact me if you aren't serious buyer or if you are interested in scamming methods as eChecks, etc.

If you agree with the terms then send me your complete name and address for shipping and I'll ship you it today.

Best regards!

10-22-2008, 03:55 PM
I just bought it! Sweet! That is a great deal!!!!:cool: