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10-21-2008, 11:57 AM
In the planning stages of ballast install. 2 bags - 1 permanently in the ski locker, and one in the rear that will be on a quick connect so it won't be in the way for skiing. Planning to mount the pumps under the rear center floor panel, as Seaworld did here:


Looks as if it may be a tighter fit, but hoping to make it happen...

My problem is the floor panel is all one piece - screwed down to the floor, with the engine box bolted to it. I'd like to be able to lift it separately to get the pumps and to operate a ball valve I plan to put between the thru hull fittings and the pump. I'm thinking to replace the floor panel with 3 panels, one small on in the "front", fastened to the boat for the motor box to mount to. One small one fastened in the back (may eliminate this one). And then a large drop in (snug fit) panel in the center. May use dense black plastic - as used on the bow stop blocks on the trailer.

Anybody else done this on 205DD?

Any other thoughts / ideas / concerns before I tear this thing up? I will add that the stock honeycomb aluminum panel is shot anyway from the hinges (poor design on that one). I rotated it 180 degrees a few years ago so the "soft" spot would be in the rear, but my back seat is always out, and now the weak spot is expanding to where people step when getting back in from skiing.

Pic attached w/o floor section or motor box in place.

10-22-2008, 07:21 PM

I would put the thru hulls with ball valves, and have access with one of these:


When I had my DD, I put my pumps in the side compartments close to the rear( like behind the rear speakers ) . and stored my sacs in the openings on the side.

10-22-2008, 08:19 PM
rem - I was looking at that spot, as well as directly in front of the gas tank (behind the plastic rear panel) last night too. Did you mount the pumps behind the speakers, or just set them there? Not sure that there is anything to mount to - inside would go thru vinyl, and outside would go thru hull - neither seems good.

I have not seen thu hulls with a ball valve but like the idea. I was thinking 2 separate components. Any leads on those?

Also planning to put ball valve on the sack side of the fill line for sure on the rear (will remove frequently), not sure on the locker sac yet.



10-22-2008, 09:03 PM
Rem - by the way, thanks for setting up the sweet deal on the pumps on the other board.

10-23-2008, 01:11 AM
I had a 1.5" thru hull with 90, then T'd to (2) 3/4 ball valves then hoses run to the pumps. (1) for front sac, and (1) for two rear sacs
They were mounted at first, but after needing to lube the impeller often, I just layed it back there.( about under, or just behind the speakers) short hose to the sac, with ball valve there too. I wish I had quick connects on them to remove easy.

I plan on haveing quick connects on the sacs Im installing this winter.

3/4" hose is fine, cuase the I.D. of the reversible pumps is 1/2"

Welcome on the deal. I was needing some too.