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09-17-2008, 09:55 PM
I purchased my 2007 X-2 from a private owner last August. He had previously had PP in the boat for speed control. He put the Mastercraft cruise back in the boat prior to selling it to me. The only time that I have been able to get the MC cruise to engage was when I took the boat to the dealer for a lake test. I believe the tech had his computer hooked up when we were testing and it worked/held speed in both the Speed and RPM mode. Of course when I left and went back to our lake it didn't and hasn't worked since. Suggestions? I know that putting PP back in would probably be best but for now I would rather not. Is the MC cruise really that finicky?

09-17-2008, 10:04 PM
MC Cruise actually works well. But it is the opposite of PP. PP engages prior to reaching speed and then creeps up to speed. MC Cruise engages after you reach speed. It takes awhile to get use to the boat going beyond the target speed.

Try this:

Set MC Cruise toggle to Speed (not RPM or Manual)
Set your target speed. Let's say 22 MPH
Now engage the throttle and give it enough gas to easily go by 22 MPH.

Depending on how hard you accelerated, the MC should kick in around 24 to 25 mph. The harder you accelerate, the farther past your target speed you will go before the MC cruise engages.

Once you throttle back, it will disengage. So if it hits 23 MPH and you throttle back, it will never engage. I thought my MC cruise did not work initially because I would always throttle back if it went over my target speed.

Then you can use the adjustment toggle to speed up or down once it has engaged.

09-17-2008, 10:45 PM
after much checking The ECM module is probably set for PP and does not always recognize the commands for the MC cruise system. according to Indmar it is a simple flash of the ECM to correct the problem and go either way to and from. Basically it's in the programming.