View Full Version : New boat owner with a concern.

09-14-2008, 08:20 PM
I noticed on my boat today, a 99 maristar I've only had a week, that when I go from forward to neutral, it makes a squealing noise for a few seconds. It does not do this when I am under power either forward or reverse, only when going from forward to neutral while the boat is moving. It is coming from the rear of the boat, but I can't pinpoint where. I called my dealer from the lake and he said it was normal harmonic drive line vibration and all boats do it from time to time.

Is this true? Should I be worried?

09-14-2008, 08:31 PM
Are you idling or at speed when you go from forward to neutral. If at speed, it's normal, cause when you go to neutral, the prop keeps turning from the water going over it, causing it to continue to spin till the boat comes to a complete stop.

09-14-2008, 08:35 PM
It is defiantly worse when slowing from quicker speeds, but after I heard it once,
I seem to hear it most of the time. I'd say I have to slow from ~5mph or faster for it to be noticeable without listening for it. It's more of a ringing than a squealing noise I guess.