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09-10-2008, 08:16 PM
I realize there is a parallel thread. But not since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 has our nation been so united, until September 11, 2001. It seemed as though everyone came together for the good of our nation, neighbor helping neighbor, during a terrible tragedy.

It seems that many have forgotten. Some children don't know what happened that day. Some fanatics believe it was a government consipiracy. Most have lost focus. Perhaps one way for each of us to rekindle that "united we stand" spirit would be to remember where we were when it happened.

I was stationed at Ft. Carson, CO in Colorado Springs. I had just come home from physical training to shower and eat breakfast. When I turned on the news I saw one of the towers burning, then the plane crashed into the second tower. It did not take long for the phone to ring, we were recalled to increase security measures at the base and prepare for follow on attacks. One year later, I was in the desert in Kuwait, waiting for the green light to strike into Iraq.

Nobody died in the attacks who was related to me or who I knew personally, but many innocent Americans were killed that day. My heart goes out to their families and I want them to know, I have not forgotten.

Where were you?

ProTour X9
09-10-2008, 08:26 PM
I watched it live on TV in school(3rd grade), we were about to watch a video about Washington D.C., they turned the TV to channel 13 and there were the burning buildings, we all watched in amazement, it was a long day.

09-10-2008, 08:39 PM
I was pinstriping a black 1999 Ford Crown Victoria at The Collision Connection in Clemmons, NC and it came on the TV in the body shop office when the first plane hit as I was going out the door to come home. The second plane had hit and the buildings had just fell when I walked in the door and cut on the TV in the basement. It took 2 hours for me to get a telephone call through to the wife, who had heard nothing about what was going on, till I informed her. I was riveted to the TV the rest of the day in disbelief watching and hearing about the Pentegon crash and the Pennsylvania crash, causing the entire airline industry to practically shut down in a matter of an hour or so.

09-10-2008, 08:39 PM
5th grade....just started the English portion and was getting the books out when the computer tech lady came in and told my teacher what was happening. My teacher turned on the television and we all watched in horror as we didnt seem that something this horrible could be happening. And when I got home that day, I gave my mom a big hug and told her how much I loved her.

The path of Flight 93 takes it that it would have flown almost directly over my house which is very scary.

Never Forget.

09-10-2008, 09:09 PM
In September 2003, we made a trip to Connecticut to visit a fellow MC owner and his family. On September 11, while visiting them we took the train from Milford, CT that Thursday into NYC and toured the city, rode the subway all over town and returned that night, but stayed away from the WTC site and all the ceremonies, yet we and the people we visited worried all day if something would happen again.
Never forget!

09-10-2008, 09:12 PM
I was in the Bahamas on vacation with my family. We were on a chartered sailboat sailing around the islands. We received a call on VHF and the charter company told us what had happened. We had no idea of the severity of the attack and were totally in the dark to how bad it really was. The next day we were walking around one of the little towns and a local invited us into his home to watch the coverage on TV. We were in shock and wondered how we would get home.

I will never forget that day...This is an amazing country and we can't forget that.

09-10-2008, 09:17 PM
I was in a sales meeting in Indianapolis. 16 of us traveled throughout the US every week. The owner's phone kept ringing and he kept turning it off since it was his wife. After a couple minutes, our sales manager's phone rang and promtly answered as it was the owner's wife. As he passed the phone, about 5 more went off, including mine. Myself and 2 other covered the entire NE and our familes were calling to make sure we were on the ground. We spent the rest of the day in the hotel lobby in front of the tv. It took 4 days for everyone to get home. It took a lot of will power for several of us to climb back on a plane a couple weeks later.

4 days prior to that, I was in Tire Hill, PA....just down the road from where flight 93 went down and my boss was meeting a client NYC.

I have several close friends and fraternity brothers that are career fire fighters and very close friend that is stationed in Iraq with special forces. I have and will continue to have the utmost respect for anyone that puts their lives before others.

09-10-2008, 09:24 PM
I was home-officing that day and had the Today show on, saw the whole thing unfold live. Many images burned into my mind from that day. I also remember how odd it was to look up in the skies for days afterward and have NO air traffic whatsoever. That hadn't been seen before, and God willing, never again.

Never forget.

God Bless America !

09-10-2008, 09:28 PM
tommorrow is a day for heros!!

my personal heroes are the guys on flight 93 that said @uck this we ain't going down this way!!!!

like the song says "some went down like heroes in that pennsylvania field"!!!

my prayers are with all the families that lost someone that day and everyday since keeping us safe!!

it is a shame we have to get punched in the mouth every so often to remember that people hate us just because we are Americans!!!!!

09-10-2008, 09:35 PM
i was traveling in Boston .. one heck of a day. Myself and another guy drove back to Cincinnati on Wednesday. As we left Boston, there were two F15 fighters circling downtown Boston ... strange sight. As we were westbound on I-90 (or is is I-80) there was a continuous stream of National Guard trucks heading to NYC. One of the guys that worked for me was a General in the National Guard and was tasked with providing perimeter security for the WTC buildings. On the evening of 9/11 I was staying north of Boston in a small town (Swampscott) and walked through town .. every church was open and full of people ... you would pass people crying as they walked.

09-10-2008, 09:41 PM
My wife had left to go to work, for some reason I was running late. She called me and said that the dj on the radio had said there was a plane that crashed into the WTC. I turned on the Today show and they were on a live shot of the WTC. At that moment, and I will never, ever forget it, the second plane came in at a slight angle. I recognized it as a commercial passenger jet. I couldn't believe it. It took a minute for it to all register with the news anchor as they, like everyone else at the time, thought the first plane was an accident.

The rest of the day was spent in front of the TV. The only person I was worried about was my mother's cousin in NY who was a VP with one of the large investment firms but he did not work around there so he was fine.

Everything changed that day, I hope everyone remembers why.

09-10-2008, 09:49 PM
I walked out of court and the court coordinator motioned me to her office where she had a small tv. The first plane had just hit and she thought it was an accident and wanted me to see. About that time, the second plane hit. It was a crazy day at the court house! God bless everyone involved.

09-10-2008, 10:18 PM
1st grade. outside at recess. Our teacher told us that it was an accident, and i remember all my friends being picked up, and there was only like two kids left in our class.I will always remember that day, even though i was so young.

09-10-2008, 10:20 PM
At work, I didnt see a TV until I got home, just heard it on the radio. Our office was within spitting distance of RDU airport (raleigh nc) and the planes started coming down like rain, one after the other.... I hope I never see anything like that again.

09-10-2008, 10:43 PM
My oldest daughter was 2 and we happened to be home that day because she was sick. I was sitting on the couch with her watching cartoons on TV when my wife called from her school and told me to turn on the TV and give her some details. They were told to turn off their TV's because they didn't want to upset any of the kids. I still remember the events like it was yesterday. I can't believe anyone who watched those events have forgotten. I know I haven't.

09-10-2008, 10:48 PM
I was outside school teaching a group of students how to properly shoot and score a side of arrows in an archery unit. We came back in at the end of the period, and did not return outside for the rest of the day. All my classes stayed inside and watched the rest of the days occurences much as the rest of America "in disbelief"

09-10-2008, 10:49 PM
We had just come back from dropping my brother off at the bus station headed for Paris Island the day before. I was in my office heading out the front door when one of my customers walked in and asked if we were listening to the news. He told us. I called my wife, then I called my mom. I went to pick up my son and watched it unfold on TV at home. It was an eye opening experience. God bless the men and women who walked into those buildings to save the lives of others. God bless those who lost their lives just doing what they did to make the world a better place for their families. God bless the men and women who fought on flight 93. And God bless every man and woman who serves this great country in our military who put their lives on the line every day for our freedom.

09-11-2008, 12:51 AM
West Coast, so we watched it live on the Today show. Was getting ready to go to work, had the TV on in the background, sat down on the bed and watched it for 2 hours. Someone brought a TV in to work and we all watched it all day long. Oh, and its our anniversary so we will never forget that day.

09-11-2008, 07:08 AM
I was doing a wale-thru with a customer geting ready to wire their new house. My wife called me. Turns out this customer had employees working in the Pentagon that day.

09-11-2008, 08:17 AM
I was sitting at home having been displaced from my employment only five days earlier. I could not believe my eyes. The most memorable statement I recall is when Peter Jennings said "we have confirmation that tower 2 is leaning to one side"

Scary ****, still chokes me up. God bless all those families today and every day.

09-11-2008, 08:44 AM
What I remember most clearly, other than the initial shock and anger, is the lines and panic at our little small town gas stations that evening, and the $6.00/gal the owners were charging.

09-11-2008, 08:55 AM
I was at work about 120 feet in the air welding when we got word. They shut the job down early that day. I went home, and watched the news for hours. I remember the boss calling me on the radio, telling me what was going on, and the initial disbelief.

My thoughts and prayers to all the heros of that day, and thier families.

09-11-2008, 09:27 AM
I was in grad school at SUNY Oswego. I woke up and showered, came back to my room, flipped on the TV while eating some Pop Tarts. Could not believe what I was seeing. Utter shock and disbelief. I dropped the Pop Tarts on the floor and made it to my bed to grab the phone and call my wife at work, who had no idea what was going on. I was on the phone with her for the rest of the day.

We were at a friends wedding in Hicksville, Long Island the weekend before. We stayed at the Marriott there and from our balcony you could see the towers. We sat out there watching the sunset and I commented how cool it was to be able to see the towers from there. It's hard to fathom that just a few days later, they were gone.

I have never in my life felt so many emotions at one time. One thing is for sure...I'll never forget it.

09-11-2008, 09:35 AM
I was in grad school at SUNY Oswego. I woke up and showered, came back to my room, flipped on the TV while eating some Pop Tarts. Could not believe what I was seeing. Utter shock and disbelief. I dropped the Pop Tarts on the floor and made it to my bed to grab the phone and call my wife at work, who had no idea what was going on. I was on the phone with her for the rest of the day.

We were at a friends wedding in Hicksville, Long Island the weekend before. We stayed at the Marriott there and from our balcony you could see the towers. We sat out there watching the sunset and I commented how cool it was to be able to see the towers from there. It's hard to fathom that just a few days later, they were gone.

I have never in my life felt so many emotions at one time. One thing is for sure...I'll never forget it.
I was right here...we had just opened that week...once it started it was just like someone had cut the phone lines and that lasted for weeks.

09-11-2008, 09:43 AM
I had just gotten home from a TN road trip with friends, and watched it happen on the Today show. I was glued to the set for the next coulple of days. Still sends chills.

09-11-2008, 09:47 AM
Me, I was sitting next to my wife holding our new 4 day old baby girl. Very sobering feeling. :huh:

09-11-2008, 09:58 AM
I was sitting right here at the office. A very sad day indeed.

09-11-2008, 09:58 AM
I had just arrived at work to find people scrambling everywhere in disbelief of what had happened. We tried to work the day out but nothing got done. Everyone was by the radio, TV, and internet in total shock. I sent everyone home around 3pm to be with their families.

09-11-2008, 11:48 AM
Owned a couple of UPS Store Franchises at the time. Normaly hundreds of customers in and out ea day. 10:00 AM to 6 PM not a single person walked thru the door. Took a yr for sales to return to normal pre 9-11 sales.

09-11-2008, 12:03 PM
I was at work standing outside and this guy asked me if I had heard about a plane crashing into one of the towers. I told him no and came directly back into the area where my office is and turned the tv on. It wasn't 45 seconds after that i saw the 2nd plane crash into the 2nd tower.

I sat and watched the tv the whole day. I could not believe what I was seeing! I had alot of anger towards the people that did this and still do to this day! We can never let our guard down!

When I got home that day I sat on the couch with friends and contiued to watch tv. Two guys that was friends of friends sat there with us and said they were going to enlist in the Navy the next day. They both went, but only one was allowed to join after some testing. I am proud of them both. I am truley proud of the guy that got in and is fighting for our country to this day.

Never forget!

Thank you to all our military men and women!

09-11-2008, 12:04 PM
I first heard news of it on Howard Stern's radio show on my drive into work that day. I thought it wasn't real but 5 blocks from my office they were talking about a plane flying into the WTC. I got to my desk which was in a large room with three other guys. We have two TVs mounted in both corners of the office so that on Saturday's we could watch college football while working. They were both showing images. I sat on the front of my desk in amazement, I didn't actually sit down in my desk for 2 more hours and that was only because my @ss had fallen asleep. I will never forget the feeling that day, it was a mix of disbelief, anger, amazement, disgust, and sorrow.

Waterboard torture seems pale, nothing they could do at Getmo would compare.

09-11-2008, 12:41 PM
I was on a flight returning from Europe on our way to San Francisco with two co-workers. The pilot announced that we were going to have to land for a "technical" problem...nothing serious, just a warning light that wouldn't reset, but taking the safe route.

We landed in Gander, Newfoundland. When we finally stopped, we noticed several other planes parked on the tarmac, on vacant runways, everywhere, both sides of the plane. It got pretty tense before they finally told us what was going on.

Very sad day, indeed...

09-11-2008, 12:49 PM
I was at work and a gal come in and told us about the first plane so we were back and forth working and watching the tv, then the second one hit. Will never forget that morming! Then they announced all planes had been grounded and remember how strange to look up and not see any planes flying. That evening I was talking to a friend and he said he was outside late afternoon and after the plane groundings and looked towards the northern sky and saw a big passenger type jet with 4 or 5 small fighter jets accompanying it. Now I thought they said Pres. Bush was in Florida and I'm in Illinois so I don't know who that might have been because I thought I heard the V.P. was in Colorado? A day to never forget!!!

09-11-2008, 12:54 PM
i was laying in bed actually... i had just started college and only had classes on M-W-F and Tu and Thu were lag days for me... i woke up and turned the tv on and i had fallen asleep watching letterman the night before and i was in the midst of keying in the channel for ESPN and the news break came through... i sat glued to the tv all day

09-11-2008, 12:58 PM
I was standing in my living room getting ready to leave for work just browsing the news and found it odd that on every tv station it all looked the same, then they started talking about what had happened and I sat down and didn't go to work that day.... I stayed and watched it all day and called friends ........ A day that will always be in my mind !!!

09-11-2008, 01:03 PM
they were discussing this on a radio sports talk show here in tulsa just a couple of minutes ago. One of the announcers is orginally from New York city. He was talking about everytime he drives into down town tulsa a building that was designed by the same guy who built the twin towers reminds him of that day.

here is a pic. it is a smaller version.

09-11-2008, 01:08 PM
It was my first few weeks of school at the Universirty of Southern California. I had just gotten back from a morning run (About 7am), when I turned on the TV, just in time to watch the first tower collapse (West Coast time put me a little behind all you guys). I ended up going to my 8 o'clock class, but it was cut short when they shut the school down because they were worried that Downtown Los Angeles and USC were targets.

09-11-2008, 04:47 PM
I was in mid-air on the way from Atl to Tampa. My flight was to land at 10:20. Upon landing pagers and phones started going crazy. All mine said was " if still in Atl, go home, call when safe". Everyone went to the first bar with a tv off the ramp and stood silent watching the news. Got a rental car, went to a hotel and watched for the remainder of the day.

09-11-2008, 07:35 PM
Listen Up People ...

Please take a minute and merely reflect today's events by clicking the lower right button of the following video entitled
'Have You Forgotten' by Darryl Worley (FULL SCREEN MODE)


Then, if you can make it through w/ or without tears feel free to post your comments and thoughts.

God Bless ..

09-11-2008, 09:42 PM
I was at Berger Chevrolet getting a quote to fix my car because someone tried to steal it during the night in my driveway and smashed a hole in my steering column to try and hot wire it. My car key has a chip in it so it can't be hot wired.

09-11-2008, 11:21 PM
I was a senior in high school. The first plane hit while I was in my 2nd period class. I kept hearing updates all through the day because, apparrently, I had the worst teachers in that school. When I finally walked into my 5th period class, the teacher had it on the tv and I was stopped in my tracks. I think I stood there for a good 5 minutes just incredulous to the fact that something like this could happen to this great country

09-13-2008, 06:35 AM
I was working in Washington DC. That morning I went to the roof of the building with a co-worker (not hearing the news yet) and remember seeing a ton of black smoke coming from the Virginia side of the river. My wife called and told me what had happened in DC and New York. When I told her I could see the smoke because I was on the roof she started screaming for me to get off the roof.

09-14-2008, 11:50 AM
I was teaching high school in Davenport, IA. We turned on the computers and tried to get online to any news website that we could to see the pics.

When I got home after work, I got out of my car and saw a passenger jet flanked by two fighter jets flying very high above me. It was later revealed that it was Air Force One heading from Offutt AFB in NE to DC.