View Full Version : Get $3,000 Back On A New 2009 MasterCraft ProStar!

09-04-2008, 05:07 PM
Take delivery of a new 2009 MasterCraft ProStar 190, 197 or 214 (offer also good on 2009 X-7 and X-14) equipped with Zero Off and get a check back for $3,000.

That’s right. That’s what it says. Take delivery of one of these great new 09’ MasterCraft beauties equipped with a Zero Off GPS-based speed control system by December 31st and get a check back for a cool $3,000. No frills, just cold hard cash back!!

Zero Off requires no adjustments, no calibrations, no hassles. The system uses input from satellites and the engine management system to control the speed. You simply set the desired speed and go!

See your local MasterCraft dealer today for more details on this exciting new offer.