View Full Version : Transmission noise?

08-25-2008, 10:44 PM
Just installed a ACME 541 on my 94 Prosport and really love it - much better acceleration but .....

Soon after installing the new prop there was a loud bang when pulling up a skier. Couldn't feel it just heard it. Just happened once. No vibration or other banging noises since. Could the prop just be setting itself against the key? I did torque it per specs. Checked after the "bang" and it was still tight.

Also now I hear a faint but distinct ringing when I first put the boat in forward. Goes away after a second or 2 even if I am just idling in forward. I have read on other threads about noise associated with CNC props at low speed.

Transmission shifts smooth and doesn't slip.

So my questions:

Anyone ever hear a bang after changing a prop?

Is the ringing just some low speed resonance in the prop or a future transmission issue?