View Full Version : Props for the prop

08-02-2008, 12:44 AM
Okay all you who said I had a prop problem were correct. If anyone asks you why MC over others share this. Monday evening hit a submerged log which created a prop problem. Called David at David's sports center in OKC who said bring it up Tuesday and oh by the way, we'll stay late since you drive from 100 miles away. Hooked me up with a new prop, had the old prop repaired. Called me on Thursday and said hey, we'll stay late so you can come pick up the boat and have it for the weekend. Makes me sad for everyone who doesn't have MC and for MC owners who don't have dealers like mine and several others on this site. If anyone from corporate see's this give an atta boy to the guys at DSC. They and the boats are the reason I'll never own another brand of boat.