View Full Version : LTR Crank Position Sensor Spacing????

07-29-2008, 11:02 PM
Sorry for the novel. Got an '00 MariStar 230VRS with the LTR engine. Hours are at 146. I've only taken it out a handful of times. Never a problem until 2 trips ago at Havasu. It had a hard time starting after we were hanging out for a couple hours. Had to crank it over for 5-10 seconds a couple times, then it caught and fired.

Fast forward to this past Sunday at a local lake and it wouldn't fire for my wife at the boat launch. I had to jump in. Took about 6-10 cranking sessions up to 10-seconds long for it to catch. Then it did the hard start thing for the next 3-5 times we shut it down that day. Volt meter is always between 13-14.4 volts and the battery is only a month old and shows 12.4 volts with my multi-meter after several days sitting.

Normally after the hard start it runs like a raped ape. No power problems or idling issues. However, towards the end of the day with the engine idling the check engine alarm beeped, the engine hiccuped, and the check engine light came on for a second. Then all was well.

The oil pressure gauge has always fluctuated wildly (anywhere from 20-80+), but I'm confident there's good pressure. Just changed it with WIX filter & Rotella. The hour meter gauge comes and goes, and the speedo works when it wants to - even with a new pitod and a clear line. I'm aware of the gauge computer issues, so I don't worry about it too much, however it does give me pause to believe the volt meter.

Regardless, I've searched and read about other LTR hard starting issues being cured by spacing the CPS sensors a little closer to the sensor reluctor. Does anybody have the spec for the ideal spacing? I've done a bunch of injection swaps and engine mods on Jeeps using CPS systems and I know some can be picky about the gap being too large or too small. Just want to close it up a bit and see if it helps, but don't want to close it too much.

08-01-2008, 10:36 AM
What was the air temperature when this happened? If it happens next time, open the motor cover and let it air out/cool down. This might be a heat soak issue.