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auburn buck
07-18-2008, 02:38 PM
So, on Sunday we decide to go to our local lake, Rollins, in Colfax.

After reading a thread in the last couple of weeks about a boat starting to slide off the trailer, and having my very experienced brother in law nearly launch his into orbit at Obexer's (Tahoe) steep ramp, my wife and I decided to change our routine and keep the winch strap on until the boat is in the water.

Lesson learned was to be careful when changing routines...

...in the line-up, sitting as next boat ready to head to the ramp, I asked my boy to honk the horn to check the battery - nothing happens. So, my wife and I start scrambling and come up with a battery replacement plan to go buy one after we are in and tied up. We thought this could be done in 15 minutes and thought this would work out fine.

Wrong...the battery part went fine. But when the ramp opened, we leaped into action. I jumped into the truck and backed down. But the boat would not move or float. I jumped out and REMEMBERED that the winch was still connected. Got that unhooked, jumped back into the truck and backed down again. Still no release. Pulled up a bit and jumped out of truck and found that the boat buddy had slipped closed. Back into truck, pull forward, unhook the boat buddy. Back down the ramp...and the boat still doesn't launch. Deep breath...climb aboard, then find that the transom hold down straps are still attached. I reached under water and undid the straps...the boat pops free.

From this point, it goes smooth...walk the boat around to unused side of the dock, tie up, leave wife and kids to get battery, return to boat and replace battery....and off we go.

This clown show all started because I wanted to add a new safety step to our routine...

captain planet
07-18-2008, 02:46 PM
Maybe a hastle, but still sounds cheaper than a mangled rudder and/or prop.

There have been two gentlemen recieve the "Dummy Award" at my boat club for forgetting to take the tie-downs off their boat and trying to lauhch......one of them was my Dad.:purplaugh

07-18-2008, 03:01 PM
A change in routine seems to always cause a simple stupid mistake.
I have used the same private ramp for ever except one time...... that time I forgot to put the plugs in the boat.
I was out of my normal routine.......

Then there is he urban ledgend where the first time boat owner was complaining he could not get the boat on plane....... he left boat straped to trailer and was driving with trailer still under boat.....

07-18-2008, 03:06 PM
we have 2 solid routines... depends on who's boat we're in the owners swap roles in these instances... it's kind of funny... everyone get their board/jacket/backpack out of the back of the truck, boat owner gets in and locks/straps in boards in rack, other boat owner releases winch/boat buddy and begins backing truck down, owner checks/puts in plug, others are putting jackets in appropriate lockers, situating beverages/snacks, and getting ready for the first set of the day