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07-15-2008, 03:07 PM
Ok, so over the 4th weekend I accidentally left the key turned to "ON" for about 30 hours and the batteries almost died. I say almost because there was a little life in them, but not enough to start the boat. So I go to turn the battery selector switch to "Ignition" so that the port side battery is engaged. What do you know... someone had left it in that position so both batteries were drained. That kind of defeats the purpose of having 2 batteries doesn't it? Anyway, we put it on a charger for about 8 hours and both batteries were showing full charge, and the alternator tested out fine. Now here is the problem:
When I turn the boat on everything works fine for about 15 seconds. Then the low voltage alarm goes off, the stereo turns off, and the dash display reads "Check Engine". If I hit the Change Display button it turns the alarm off, stereo back on, and the "Check Engine" goes away. It will stay like that for about 15 minutes and it happens all over again. We are driving an '07 X-Star with 55 hours on it, so I doubt there is a problem with the batteries (they are holding a charge). The alternator has tested fine, all connections are solid, and no circuit breakers are tripped. I am going to buy 2 new batteries for this weekend just to make sure, but I was wondering if any of you knew what might be going on here.

I know it might be the check engine alarm, but I figured with the batteries going dead and all it was the low voltage alarm. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks fellas

paul doyle
08-14-2008, 12:14 PM
took to dealer he confirmed low volt alarm. he said to run boat for 6 - 7 times allowing for full warm up and cooling down and system will reset itself. hope this puts your mind at ease. good luck paul...........