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07-05-2008, 10:13 PM
This is a quasi-blog entry:

I get to the ramp yesterday morning to see some dirt ball with a mullet pop his old lady in the face with the back of his hand as I'm prepping my boat for launch. Her nose subsequently exploded. I walked over to check her out while another guy on a Bu' called the cops. A screaming match ensued and the cops were on the way. Some more drama and screaming, yet the woman gets in the car with 'wife beater' and leaves for the hospital. She didn't want him arrested because it "was her fault." At this point I have zero pity...dumb trailer trash.

We went to my bro-in-laws to celebrate with he and his family. Well, the next thing I know I have 4 18 year old kids show up that know bro-in-law and are expecting to get on my boat. I was HOT. I told my wife it was rude and ridiculous. We weren't asked, nor did I have room or life jackets. My wife said she and my kids would stay at the park (we had a pavillion) while I pulled these boys. BS, I told my bro-in-law, he could pay for my gas, my equipment and my insurance. He seemed to think I was over reacting and this was no "big deal." Right....

We came back to the park at about 6 pm to cook burgers and dogs. I get the coals lit and the sky opens up! Lighting, rain, etc. The grill was on a pole anchored into the ground outside of the pavilion. I had some tin foil, but not enough to save my coals. Moreover, I didn't have any more charcoal! So, I used to trash can lids. You know the big metal ones that are round and aluminum. That was a first! Everything tasted fine.

Other than that the weekend was great. The boat ran flawlessly and we LOVE our 00 205!!!! We were in Bu country again, but had a ball. The fireworks were good and the kids all had a ball. Best of all, I wasn't in Iraq.

Well, happy 4th and here are a few casual shots...

07-05-2008, 10:24 PM
Not cool with the 4 teenagers. Always more fun to hang out on YOUR boat with people you know. We kind of have an unwritten rule here, you want on the boat, meet me at a function off the water first!

I'm glad you're not in Iraq, too!

School Skier
07-06-2008, 07:38 AM
That's why I don't do holidays at the lake on what you just explained in both situations. We have a fireworks problem at our lake seems like some people like to start their Independence Day celebration at 2 am on July 5th, no rest at the lake.