View Full Version : No ignition light

07-04-2008, 09:22 PM
Latest update in the hope that I can help others. The root cause of the problem was a broken wire below the floor behind the front bulkhead. Seems like the wire corroded at the connector. Hard to find, simple to fix.

I have a 2001 210. Put it up last year having had a couple of occasions when the engine wouldn't restart and the instruments shut down during operation. Getting ready for the holiday and she turned over a couple time then nothing. No instruments or radio either but blower, lights etc work OK. Any thoughts? I suspect the ingnition switch. If it is that how do I get to it?:( Latest Update. I checked the ignition switch, it appears OK however there is not voltage at the switch. Everything appears normal to the Eye. I will keep tracing 12 vold line back to find where it is cut or shorted (or switched!) Wher is the 50 amp breaker? is this at the rear of the engine?, if so it is not triped.