View Full Version : new decals for 2004 X7

06-27-2008, 07:20 PM
I am going to remove the factory decals from my new to me 04 X7. It is red in color. If there is a ghosting problem left behind from the old large vinyl X7 graphic what is the best product to be rid of this sun fading problem?

Also I am thinking of replacing the graphics with the following 3 options. Let me hear what you guys think.

option 1 6''x 60'' chromed raised drip mold (look sick and reflect the water)

option 2 6''x60'' Gothic chrome raised drip mold (1 guy in AR has these on a black 197 with matching hull ID#s super sick)

option 3 have you guys heard of a new 08 product 6''x60'' raised billet badging much like an emblem on a motor vehicle? and price$ I bet is outrageous/

these are all mastercraft products.

06-28-2008, 06:36 AM
I'ts been my experience that once the ghosting appears nothing will ever make it look like the rest of the boat. At least in the long run. You can use rubbing compound or fiberglass restorer (I like the 3m products) but just like chalking the fadding will return with time. All three of you options sound like they'll look great. Just make sure there are no accent lines in the area you're looking to apply the graphics as drip molding is going to be very hard to get to conform to any raised or lowered surfaces. The other thing I've heard and have seen on my boat is that drip molding has a tendancy to smear or burn when rubbed hard. One of my drip molded letters has a mark on it that I haven't been able to get out from brushing up against my shore station. Good luck, post pictures when you get finished.