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06-16-2008, 12:42 AM
ok. finally go the motor to act right the other day. imagine.....nothing but a dang key switch. but anyway.

So i take the dinghy to the river yesterday and for the first 3 hours everything is fine. then we get the urge to do some surfing with a wakeskate. so we try that and after 15 minutes decide its time to head in. so we take off and my friend is driving. then i take over about half way there and notice that its really sluggish when i give it some gas. i keep thinkin i hit the prop on something but then i realize that it has to be a weight problem cause the nose is standin straight up.

so i kill the engine and say somethin is wrong. my genius friends in the back say, and i quote "yeah....water has been comin out of the engine compartment for TEN minutes now." im just kinda like "WELL WHY DIDNT YOU SAY SOMETHING [email protected]!" needless to say i took on a LOT of water in a very small amount of time. i know i have a leak somewhere around the swim platform because i have seen water comin from the back of the boat when i had all of the floor panels out about a week ago. but the automatic bilge has always been able to handle it just fine. its a very small leak. this new one is quite large. i noticed today when i put it back in that it was takin on water from the left side of the boat cause water was flowin out of a hole in the left stringer into the center of the boat. but then my bilge pump burnt up and had to take it out of the water for the day.

So my job for this week and next week since i cant use it over the weekend cause i gotta work, is to take the gas tank out and fix the leak in the platform. but where could the other water be comin from. i believe the water from the back is comin from the right side of the boat because i saw it comin from that direction. so i dont think that leak has gotten bigger.

by the way i have a 1979 S&S. any help would be apreciated cause im tired of workin on the thing. its all i have done since i bought it in February.

also anyone know how i can stop gas from comin out of the vent on the back cause i think the gas has messed up the wrap thats on it over the years.

06-16-2008, 08:01 AM
That is a lot of water to be leaking through a fastener connection at the swim platform. If your friend observed water coming into the boat while you were driving then it may be from a few other sources: the rudder and drive shaft both have the potential to leak if not packed properly; an exhaust leak can fill the bilge with water as well; and a leak in the water intake plumbing from the thru hull fitting to the raw water pump.

To check the rudder and drive shaft for leaks drive the boat and observe the thru hull fitting where the drive shaft goes through the boat and/or the fitting where the rudder goes through the boat. You may have to remove a floor board. If you don't see any water coming from those two places follow the exhaust lines back to the thru hull fittings at the transom. If one of them is damaged the leak should be easy to identify. While the engine is running follow the plumbing from the thru hull fitting for the intake line through the strainer, tranny cooler, all the way to the raw water pump. Look for leaks at those connections and fittings. If the water is actually coming from a leak in a swim deck fastener then the structural integrity of the transom may be in question (rotten wood). If the screws turn but do not tighten that is a good indicator of trouble.

The fuel coming out of the vent in the back can be resolved by installing a device between the tank and vent that captures the fuel. It is available at all the usual places.

Fact is your boat is older than most people on this site. If it has not been carefully maintained and/or restored then you will continue to be faced with many issues. My first inboard was a neglected '87. I spent the first four years keeping it running then one year on a restoration. Prioritize the faults. Decide how much time and money you are willing to spend. Make a plan.

Good luck