View Full Version : Oil Pressure/Temperature 1983 351 Ford PCM

05-11-2008, 05:56 PM
Guys, been a while since I've been online.....need some help. took boat out this weekend, ran great. Temp at idle after warm up was around 145-150, after pulling skier and dropped off engine warmed up to around 175-180....just sitting still idling. When I'd get going again, it'd cool back to around 150. Is this ok? seems like last year it ran a little cooler....maybe 140 at idle...but can't remember if this is what I read while hooked to water hose or while in the lake. Also, after engine is first cranked cold..oil psi at around 40. When motor gets good and warmed up, at idle it goes to around 10-14....and while running it's around 27-34 psi. Does this seem to o.k.? Engine runs like a champ, just making sure I don't have any issues unnoticed. Fresh oil and filter. I know it's an older motor with quite a bit of time on it, but it runs great just seeing what yall think about those numbers. Thanks in advance.

05-11-2008, 06:15 PM
Everything seems normal as far as I can read. The rise in temp after pulling a skier is heat soak and should cool down after idling for a while. Have you replaced the impeller lately just as a preseason precaution?

05-11-2008, 06:20 PM
Thanks for the help and the quick reply......the impeller is fairy new......a couple of seasons used.......and not too much time on it........I have a spare and thought I'd replace it this weekend....but thought since it was runnin so good, with my luck I'd break something.....should I change it, or leave it alone and wait til next year? Also, on the seawater pump...behind the pully, I noticed a small metal "keeper"...looks like a snap ring of some sort.....it kinda pressess against the pulley, causing an ever-so-slight rub-so slight I didn't even want to push it back in.....can't tell how long it's been like this, maybe a while...doesn't seem to hurt anything....is this keeper a sign the pulley is about to take the big one? Or are they all like this. thanks again for the help.