View Full Version : Swim Platform Rubber-Help

04-30-2008, 02:10 PM
I own an X-45 with a fibreglass swim platform. I am sick of the rubber insert. It is obviously defective as the material comes off, sticks to your feet, and tracks marks throughout the boat. I contacted Mastercraft last year, and they indicated that they were aware of the problem and replaced the rubber insert with a "new and improved" piece. Well this didn't solve the problem. I am so unhappy, I looked into buying a new teak platform or a teak insert for my current fibreglass platform. Evidently there is no way to install the teak insert into my platform as the depression for the insert is too shallow. Hence, this would mean a $2500 new platform with teak insert...Ouch! The teak replacement platform is also pricey at around $750. After spending over $85,000 for the boat, my 4th MC in 10 years, I am PO'd. Mastercraft isn't very responsive, nor is my dealer.

Any similar experience and duggsted fixes????