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07-22-2004, 12:40 PM
I get requests from time to time on how to shrink large pictures so that they can be uploaded to Team Talk. This tutorial is designed to show you how to resize pictures and compress them yourself to get the most out of your allocated Showroom space. Many of you may already know how to resize the images but you are not saving them in a compressed format. This works just fine for uploading. However, by learning how to compress your files you will be able to upload more pictures.

You need to have software on your PC that allows you to edit images. I have downloaded a program called IfranView that is free and will use it in this tutorial. That way no one has to go out and pay any money. You can use a different program however the steps outlined in this tutorial will most likely not work for that application.

To download IfranView, right mouse click on this link and select “Save Target As…”
Download IfranView (800 kb) (http://www.tmcowners.com/downloads/iview391.exe)

Step 1: Opening the Image

Open up IfranView.
Select “File” then select “Open”.


A file browse window will open. Find the image that you want to edit and select “Open”.

Step 2: Resizing the Image

Select “Image” then select “Resize/Resample”


A settings box should open up that looks like the picture below.


On the left you can view the current size of the image. You can also set the size to whatever you wish on the left. If you set a custom size, make sure the check box on the bottom left that says “Preserve Aspect Ratio” is checked. Otherwise your image will come out distorted for the most part.
On the right you can select common size settings. This is probably what you will want to use. The best for the board will be 640 x 480 pixels. You can choose a larger setting but it will obviously take up more space.

Once you select the size you want, click “OK” at the bottom.

Step 3: Saving the Image

Select “File” then “Save As”


Select the directory where you want the image to save and enter a name for the image in the “File name” box.
Then click on the dropdown menu for the “Save as type” and choose “JPG – JPEG Files”
A dialog box will open up that gives you some save options. If you do not see the dialog box make sure the “Show options dialog” check box on the bottom middle is checked.


The slide bar next to “Save quality” is what will compress the image. For the web you can move this anywhere between 40 (lower quality, smaller file size) – 70 (higher quality, bigger file size).
I chose 50 and saved my file.

At the time of this tutorial, users are allocated 2500 kb to upload images. If you compress your images and reduce the size you can see how the number of images you can upload drastically changes.
Here are the results:

Size: 538 kb
Height: 1500 pixels
Width: 2000 pixels
Estimated Images: ~5

Size: 46 kb
Height: 480 pixels
Width: 640 pixels
Estimated Images: ~50