View Full Version : 07 197 Factory stereo/amp/sub setup help!

04-23-2008, 01:24 AM
I have an 07' 197 with factory stereo install. System includes the JL M4300 amp, 10" JL Audio Sub, CMD4A head, and 4 JL M770 cockpit speakers.

I have limited knowledge of audio installations and have been reading the M4300 manual over and over - comparing to the 'factory' settings on the amp.

Seems to me.....that the settings I see selected might not be optimum. Can anyone help me get this thing sounding as good as possible with what I have???

Looks like the LEFT FRONT / RIGHT FRONT RCA outputs from the CMD4 feed the Channel 1 and Channel 2 inputs of the M4300. Rear RCA outputs are not connected to amp. Non Fader right and left RCA's are also not connected to amp.

The outputs from the M4300 are as follows. Channel 1 outputs feed the port side speakers. Channel 2 outputs feed the starboard side speakers. Channel 3 and 4 are bridged to the subwoofer.

Picture of the settings on amp to follow.

04-23-2008, 01:32 AM
Here's a pic of the outputs. I'll break down what is what to help, going from left to right.

Subwoofer silver is plugged into channel 4 negative.

Subwoofer gold is plugged into Channel 3 positive.

Starboard front/rear negatives are plugged into Channel 2 negative.
Starboard front/rear positives are plugged into Channel 2 positive.

Port front/rear negatives are plugged into Channel 1 negative.
Port front/rear positives are plugged into Channel 1 positive.

04-23-2008, 04:01 AM
Well after reading the manual a couple more times......I changed Channel 3 & 4 input from "discrete" to "from 1 & 2." Amazing....now the subwoofer is actually working. LOL. To think it probably spent the first 80 hrs of it's life just sitting there dormant on the kickpanel... The JL cockpit speakers thump away enough on their own that nobody probably ever noticed. I was kinda wondering why I couldn't feel anything with my foot over the last 2 or 3 hrs of tunes....

I also set the Channel 1 & 2 filter mode to HP, and set it around 80. Turned the Channel 3 & 4 filter mode to LP, and set it around 60.

The manual talks about setting up the input sensitivity. Requires an AC voltmeter and some special tones on a CD. I suppose I could do that....but is that what everyone does practically?

The CMD4A has Non fading RCA outputs. The Clarion manual doesn't talk much about what these are. Could I feed those directly to Channels 3 & 4 and feed the subwoofer directly - and fine tune the LP filter from there? Of course I would then go back to "discrete" for the channel 3/4 input source.