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04-21-2008, 10:37 AM
07 X1 RTP, 38 hours, dealer winterized and summerized.....

First day to get her wet this season. The kids are getting their legs and balance back for the wakeboard season. Boat is running great all morning. Take a little break from pulling and go on a 20 minute cruise. Notice when I slow down both bilges working overtime. Shut the engine off and check the bilge and it is full of hot water (right to the top of the gas tank). Not being a pro mechanic, I start checking hoses and sure enough, the bottom of the J Hose is split. Let the bilges finish their job and run back to the dock and put her on the trailer.

Emailed the dealer (Saturday night) and he called first thing this morning. Says this stuff happens and everything should be fine and he is sending me a new hose.

Fortunately, it is still under warranty but just keeping my fingers crossed that no serious damage occured (temps seemed fine on the way back to the dock and no warning signals went off). Interior of boat nor the carpet ever got wet.

Dealer is 3 hours away. Should I be OK???

04-21-2008, 11:00 AM
Hmmm, I could be wrong but if you had water to the top of the fuel tank that would mean the starter was somewhat under water. Maybe even the trans too. If indeed they were, I would take it back to the dealer, have him pull the starter and check it, change trans fluid and engine oil just to be safe. Tell him to give everything else a good look over.

Not trying to throw the dealer under the bus, but I'm sure you want your boat to be reliable and trouble-free for as long as possible.