View Full Version : 1983 rehab diary

04-15-2008, 10:08 PM
The 1983 ss rehab is underway! This picture is of the floor. I cut the floor out of both sides using a 4 inch cut off grinder (wear a mask). The floor glue had delaminated so it was easy to pull off once cut. Be careful when cutting across the boat so you dont cut through the stringers. The floatation foam was soaking wet so I tore it out. You can see the empty stringer cavities. The foam is 2lb density close celled polyurethane. The same stuff that is used by some insulation contractors. I am having an insulation contractor come over tomorrow to install new foam. I will then reinstall the floor using 1/4 marine plywood. I will not reuse the old floor that I cut out because it is in too bad of shape.