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04-12-2008, 08:27 PM
Hi everyone,
Since I moved here to Arizona Iíve been looking for people and/ or groups to hook up with. I found the Arizona Wakeboard Association on the web a while ago and have been checking them out. I was talking to the Director and the AWA has invited me to help out with the 2008 season events. Today was the 08 kick off meeting and the first event is April 26th and it looks to be a fun time. There are some big time product and boat dealer sponsors including MasterCraft with about 60+ riders in the events from groms to masters, including wakeskating. Iím creating a kind of AZ message board/forum to post info, talk or just look; it also has an AWA board for links and info for all to see and you can catch up on the latest AZ info and itís open to everyone, I can also keep in touch with my friends from Cali. Iím not asking you to change forums because I love this place and grateful to it, just stop on by once and a while and see whatís happening out in Arizona. You can post your groups here too! I would leave it an open public forum but then I would have to worry about spammers & those crazies out there, so all you need is an email address like getting into this site, so take a look, sign up and give a shout out. You can post web pictures and Iíll be buying storage space for attachments real soon and any suggestions are appreciated. Itís a new site and Iím not making any money off this and itís all paid for by me & my time so I thank you for checking it out. http://cozaz.proboards52.com (http://cozaz.proboards52.com/v45index.cgi)

:wavey: http://cozaz.proboards52.com (http://cozaz.proboards52.com/v45index.cgi)