View Full Version : Any pics of seat bottom cushion for 78/79 S&S?

04-09-2008, 10:39 AM
Does anyone have pictures of the drivers seat bottom cushion for a 78/79 Stars and Stripes? My 'new' boat came with a blue float cushion wedged in there instead, and I'd like to fab something new as close to stock as possible.

Also, what look like the seat adjustment slides (interlocking aluminum extrusion "rails") have a bolt all the way thru them (athwartship), making it fixed position... I don't see any mechanism for locking it in the correct position if I were to remove the bolt. Any description (or better yet, pictures) of what should be?

Thanks kindly!

04-09-2008, 12:04 PM
Here are 3 pics of my 1977 driver's seat. It screws to the floor. NO adjustment, so I just left it unscrewed and slide it around as needed.
Sounds like you have something different. I'll try to send better pics next week, after I get it out of storage this weekend. My upholstery guy just put an extra layer of foam in the back and bottom to make it a little more comfortable.
OOOooppps, now that I have posted I RE-READ your post "78-79"...My boat came with that same blue float cushion to hide the rip and make it more comfortable, I was thinking you may have the wrong seat in your boat. But I guess not, 78, 79 are probable adjustable, not Hard fiberglass like mine.
Sorry, No help, wrong year.