View Full Version : towerbiminis.com owners, questions

04-03-2008, 05:52 PM
my new-to-me boat doesn't have a bimini and i'll want one for the familily. i learned the other day that the mc ratchet cover can not go on with the factory mc bimini. i've also read they had some issues with the screws that go into the windshield frame, many were stripping out. also, don't much care for straps front and back.

so with all that said, i have a few questions on the towerbiminis.com product. had some pictures sent to me with my style tower, and i like.

questions as they relate to 03 x-2 w/zero flex flyer tower

1. can i fold down the tower with the bimini attached? in case it matters, i will have to loosen/remove the allen head screw on the back legs to collapse as far as possible.

2. if answer number 1 is no, then how difficult is it to remove the bimini for storage? how long does it take, etc?

3. would you buy it again? is the stainless version necessary? i was going to just buy the base aluminum with standard hardware.

4. lastly, how does it look booted up? i couldn't find any pictures.

would like to order as soon as i get the title for my boat so i get it sooner rather than later

just wanted to see if anybody could answer those questions



/edit yes, i searched a ton. ;)