View Full Version : Productive day

03-29-2008, 07:33 PM
Sleds are washed, waxed, fogged and drained. All loaded in the trailer to go into storage.

But, best of all, my MC is now out of storage and in the garage. :friday: :firejump: :banana: The local roads are clean and dry. The mouth of the driveway back to my dad's outbuilding was open. The building is about 125feet from the road. The last 30-50 feet was 1-1.5ft of snow. Ran over it a few times with the truck to pack it down and then pulled the boat out.

Ground is still frozen so I didn't bury it like Mag did recently. :D

I was thinkin' of that and the fact that I wouldn't have had a digital camera in the event that I buried the whole rig.