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03-28-2008, 08:39 PM
I just bought a 2003 X2 that did not have perfect pass installed as a factory option. I bought one the other day and am now getting ready to do the installation. After looking at the dash today I'm not really sure how to get at the guages. There appears to be three screww on the top of the dash and two under the steering wheel that hold the IP together. I'd rather do this the right way the first time. Does anyone know how to get to the back of the guages? Any other tips on installing Perfect Pass on this boat would be wonderful. Thanks!

04-09-2008, 10:40 PM
wow, i'm surprised nobody has answered your post. i was just getting ready to post up what a pain in the butt it was for me to re-install PP. First off, I must say MC gets a big fat F for their dash design. Go ahead and forward this to as many MC engineers/designers as possible but they simply were not thinking when they designed that dash. I'm sure somebody will say some BS like "well, you should have taken it to your local MC dealer because they do this all the time and have the tools to do so". Well, that's a bunch of BS!!!

Here's where they failed.

1) At 1st glance when you look at the dash, you think not so bad. I'll just remove the tiny allen head screws and that beautifully machined dashplate will pop right out....wrong! You will soon find out that the screws will just turn and turn because behind the lovely dashplate are large fender washers and nylon inserted lock nuts. In order for anyone with hands larger than a tree frog to get behind there with tools, you must 1st remove the 3 small plastic pins just under the windshield and two small screws under the dash straight up from your legs.

2) Next problem you will notice is that it is somewhat difficult to maneuver the dash with the throttle arm rest and steering wheel which tilt steering makes a little easier. My biggest problem is that my boat also has zero off and the person who installed it made the cable connector way too short. I had barely no room to even get my little monkey hands in there to unplug the ZO so i could get more room.

3) Now you must remove all 10 or 12 allen screws while holding some sort of wrench on the lock nut. This hex nut size must be something screwy because i had neither an inch or metric wrench that would exactly fit. A 9mm wrench seemed to be the closest that would work. I must say if I had a cordless drill with the correct size allen head it would have made things much faster but i went ahead slowly removing every nut, washer & screw one by one.

Getting the actual PP gauge in was great, very easy, just two screws on mine. I was replacing my PP display because the up arrow quit working and PP send me a replacement one free. Re-ran the cable and i was up in biz.

So where could MC have done better you ask??? Simply tap the size allen screw thread into the back of where the alum dash plate sits and you could easily remove all the dash screws from the front. If you're so worried about vibration of screws possibly backing out, just use a little thread locker on your screws. This way, you would never have to pull the whole friggen dash off and risk yanking/twisting wire and such. My dad was an auto mechanic for over 30 years and i can't tell you how many times i heard him cuss auto engineers while working on cars. "THINK GUYS", he would say! I'm an engineer by trade so I understand that most times design engineers don't take things like that into consideration. They think of production tooling, process and how easily the person in the factory puts it together not the end user. I'm sure that entire dash is a sub assembly that sits around on a shelf and gets installed as needed i would say or gets installed before the steering wheel or throttle arm rest assembly.

Rant off...

04-09-2008, 10:42 PM
just thought i would throw this in too. i'm getting ready to call PP in Canada tomorrow a.m. because my up arrow still doesn't work. Must be the PP computer!:mad:

04-09-2008, 10:47 PM
oh, and BTW, i was thinking you said X7 at first but just noticed you said X2. I don't know what that dash looks like but I'd guess it might be similar. Good luck if you haven't already started!