View Full Version : Man dies after barge collides w/ cruiser

03-28-2008, 12:34 PM

I wakeboarded beside this barge yesterday evening before my board broke... the barge was carrying Benzene and the depth on the side was 8ft of 11ft to full load on the tanker barges... barges may not be too big of an issue but i urge everyone to keep safe on the water... there's a lot of idiots who own boats out there

rumor has it at work today that the man had only had the boat a few days and it was in the 55' range (a far cry from a 20' x2)... he locked through in the barge canal where we were riding then as i was pulling my friend's busted '08 moomba XLV (w/ 7hrs on it... we think it blew a head gasket) to the dock someone called to check on us and we heard about it... we were on the opposite side of the dam when it happened...

03-28-2008, 12:45 PM
wow, that's crazy. very close to the Nooga. we see people playing around barge wake all the time here. nothing to mess with. i'm sure they have id'd the guy already and know what type of boat to look for?

03-28-2008, 01:29 PM
no wreckage found yet... supposedely a female body is yet to be found... i'm thinking the boat is in about 60 ft of water at my best guess... a guy i work w/ has a house on that lake and watched most of it happening from his dock and could listen to the radio communication going on last night as they were searching

River Rat
03-28-2008, 01:55 PM
We have barge traffic on 1 of our rivers and when we come up on one I always stop and pull the rider in the boat before I ride passed it. These things are huge and hard to maneuver so I donít take any chances. Our river is not that wide so you not only take a chance of getting run over but if you interfere with his intended path he could run into a pier or boat dock, or worse another boat:( .

03-28-2008, 02:16 PM
That's crazy.........I've been on a river most of my life that has barge traffic. Fortunately the area of the river that I'm on is wide enough that we can move over to the flats and let the barge have the channel. It's just insane to ever get close enough for such a thing to happen. My dad worked for a barge line early on in his life and he cautioned me enough about the things he had seen and the undertow that they create, to make an impression on me. Now I'm trying to make that same impression with my kids so they don't make a deadly mistake.

03-28-2008, 03:18 PM
... supposedely a female body is yet to be found...

ah, i get it, the guy was up in the cuddy cabin gettin' the job done and WHAMMO!!!