View Full Version : HELP me align my motor please...

03-25-2008, 12:19 AM
I have mounts which look like this:


I have loosened the pinch bolts on the trans, and the motor slid over just fine. That part of the alignment is done, but I need to drop the rear eand a bit and raise the front of the engine to get it ready to ski.

HOW? I have loosened the lock nuts on top and bottom of the trunion, yet when I try to turn the screw jack, it is locked to the rubber cushion below. I can get it to turn about 1/4 turn, and then it snaps back. Is it supposed to turn loosely in the cushion, or am I missing another lock nut somewhere? I don't want to just put a cheater on it and turn for fear of ripping the cushion to bits - any help?

These things cost $100 each - times two, and I am having similar problems with the fronts - though they are less expensive. Am I just going to have to order a complete set?

I want to get this boat in the water! The shaft was ruined by the previous owner running it WAY out of alignment. I have a nice shiny new shaft in place, ready to align.

Help me please.

Thanks in advance...

03-25-2008, 02:29 AM
I just did mine on Sunday, and the mounts look almost precisely like that (well, except being covered with corrosion and rust).

I had to loosen the lock nut riding on the trunion to adjust mine, and with a shot of WD40 on the threads, it jacked up and down just fine. No binding on the rubber bushing.

Good luck.


03-26-2008, 06:22 PM
Yup, I would exho Franks post. PB Blaster is another pretty good rust penetrant. Try spraying up from the bottom of the threads as well. If that doesn't work you might consider removing that engine mount completely. Really stubborn rusty fasteners will sometime yield if you heat the trunnion piece. Try a propane torch, get it good and hot and spray rust penetrant around the threads. It might take a few cycles going from hot to cold but it should free up at some point. Then you might want to disassemble the mount to clean up all the threads inside as well. Reassemble with some anti-sieze.

You only need to go through this once, from now on you'll probably shoot a little rust penetrant around those threads every year...