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03-19-2008, 04:04 PM
March 19, 2008

Dear BoatUS Member,

We need your help now to pass NEW federal legislation in the Senate that would provide a permanent exemption for recreational boats from the upcoming EPA discharge permit requirement. Remember that if we don't get legislation passed, we all need to get EPA permits to operate our boats effective 9/30/08!

We appreciate the time that many of you have already taken to let your Senators or Representatives know your support of S. 2067 or HR 2550 "The Recreational Boating Act of 2007." Now there is a new Senate Bill #2766 "The Clean Boating Act of 2008", which is more politically viable, and our best chance to eliminate the permit requirement before it comes in effect on September 30, 2008.

Please pick up the phone or email today and ask your Senators to sponsor and vote YES for S 2766. Although Congress is on recess this week and next, we need their staff to hear from us so that this bill can move as soon as the Senators are back in Washington.

Remember to contact both of your Senators:
(Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia)

State Phone Email
Senator Saxby Chambliss (R) (202) 224-3521 Visit BoatBlue.org
Senator Johnny Isakson (R) (202) 224-3643 Visit BoatBlue.org
Senator Ben Cardin (D) (202) 224-4524 Visit BoatBlue.org
Senator Barbara Mikulksi (D) (202) 224-4654 Visit BoatBlue.org
Senator George Voinovich (R) (202) 224-3353 Visit BoatBlue.org
Senator Sherrod Brown (D) (202) 224-2315 Visit BoatBlue.org
Senator Lamar Alexander (R) (202) 224-4944 Visit BoatBlue.org
Senator Bob Corker (R) (202) 224-3344 Visit BoatBlue.org
Senator John Warner (R) (202) 224-2023 Visit BoatBlue.org
Senator Jim Webb (D) (202) 224-4024 Visit BoatBlue.org

Your Senator that is in bold print is especially important to contact because they are a member of the Environment and Public Works Committee.

For more information:

What's the timing?
Why a new bill?
What are the differences in the bills?
What does S 2766 include?
View a copy of the bill
Speaking points
To contact your Senators electronically

Thanks for your ongoing help with this issue.

Margaret Podlich
Vice President, Government Affairs
[email protected]
703-461-2878 x8355


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03-19-2008, 04:05 PM
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