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02-24-2008, 01:27 PM
I'd like to have people's thoughts.... intelligent or not;) !! I'm interested in artificial waterski lakes although I have never actually skied on one. From what I understand lakes usually measure from 2000-2300 feet long and 150 to 250 ft wide.

So here are my questions? Feel free to go completely on another tangent about something that you like or dislike about your lake!!

How long do you think a lake should be?
How wide?
How deep?
Islands at both ends?
offset teardrop lake ends or straight?
How many boats can actually be coordinated at the same time?
Does that make a difference to the lake width?(I'm guessing???)
swimming area?
I've also seen some lakes with little marina "arms".... comments?

Thanks for your comments...


02-24-2008, 02:08 PM
This thread may give you some valuable information, http://www.tmcowners.com/teamtalk/showthread.php?t=2785&highlight=tournament+lakes

02-24-2008, 02:18 PM
The lake should be at least 2000 feet long if you have a choice. This may be just me but when you get much longer it is kind of a pain for the skier as you spend so much time before and after the course. I have skied in a lake that was around 1750 and the set-up is really short and would be tough for most people. The width should be 200 feet or more. I skied at Swiss Ski school a couple of summers ago and their lakes are narrow and when the shore is close to the buoys it is very scary. It makes me really nervous and I like the wider lakes. Deeper the better, mainly for weed control but it does have an effect on the skiing. Deeper is certainly better for wakeboarding. The main thing to worry about is to make sure it is deep enough to be safe which is at least four to five feet. I have skied where the bouy is in around two feet of water and that was very dangerous. There is nothing scarier than hitting the bottom of the lake when you go out the front. I was very lucky to have landed on my back instead of the top of my head. I do not think the islands at the ends are necessary, only an extra expense and can make for a narrow channel on the turnaround which makes it harder for the novice skiers. I would say the teardrop on the ends are best if you can do it as this would allow the boat to take off at a slight angle to the course avoiding the bow roller being sent all the way down the lake. I have seen two and three boats used and two are optimal but this really depends on the size of the lake as you allude to in your next question because there needs to be a place for the "other" boat to sit while the other boat is moving. If you can have a swimming area you should do it as it would make the lake more fun for people who are not skiing especially the kids. I have never skied a lake with a marina arm but again if you can swing it that makes sense. The more people and boats you have on the lake the more congested it would be so the use of a marina area out of the way of the main lake would really help with this.

I hope your questions mean you are going to be building a lake somewhere. Hopefully in South-central Wisconsin!!! I am guessing not though. :)

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02-24-2008, 02:45 PM
How long do you think a lake should be? 2000+ 2200-2500
How wide? 250ish
How deep? about 8 feet in the middle if I was to pick
Islands at both ends? Definately
offset teardrop lake ends or straight? Offset unless you want to do alot of boarding and need more width or something.
How many boats can actually be coordinated at the same time? 1... Most of the time you have a boat going down, it turns and comes back, turns and goes the other way. Can stop or pick up skiers. Falls = wait a moment for the water to settle. If you have two boats running you need extra drivers, and you'll be sitting in the water waiting for the other person.
Does that make a difference to the lake width?(I'm guessing???) If you want to have any benefit 2 boats is the same as one, but with less downtime between passes.
swimming area? There is enough width in a 250 foot wide to swim along the edges, but remember to swim where the turn bouy is away from shore, heck you can even have a trampoline in the water there with no ill effects.
I've also seen some lakes with little marina "arms".... comments? I have seen them too, where there is an area parallel to the lake with the dock and boat house, and you idle out to the end of the arm before you are into the lake.

There is also the "suicide lake" where between each turn ball is a finger of dirt so as to stop waves traveling down lake. Would work fine if you never miss a turn, and only slalom.

02-24-2008, 02:56 PM
2300x 300 is a great all around size for skiing, wakeboarding and barefoot. i personally dont like longer lakes, becuase of the wait time before the course. turn isalns seem to be the norm out here, have not skied a lake with out them yet. seems like the better way to go, to break down the wakes. when i was looking into digging one, the excavator i talked to told me it did not make a difference in cost. however maintence may more work.