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02-23-2008, 11:32 PM
I have an 03 X-7 and just got a pair of wet sounds 485's. I need some step by step help on how to install wires through the tower. I can get the wires from the top of the tower to the first hole at the bottom of the tower, right before it meets the footing.

I am questioning how to get it from the first hole where it meets the footing to the inside of the boat on port side (where my amp is located). Pictures would be great. Thanks.

02-24-2008, 08:27 AM
I installed tower speakers on my '02 197 TT and '04 X9 so here goes. I used a piece of 12 gauge wire approx 10' long from some 12-2 home wiring as a fish tape (guide). Both boats had a hole drilled through the fiberglass under the tower leg, but I did have to make both holes larger as I used 12 g speaker wire.

I started in the inside, under the observer's seat and pushed the 12 g home guide wire up through that hole and up the lower leg. I had placed a piece of electrical tape on it first to mark when it should be coming though the top of the lower leg. With that done, the guide wire will be sticking out both sides .... you might need a second person as your guide wire might get caught coming out of the leg opening. Next securely attach your first set of speaker wire (make sure its long enough!) and SLOWLY start pulling. I also allached two 10' pieces of strong string. Afer the first run of speaker wire is half way up, attach the second. BY attaching I mean 2' of electrical tape and align the wires flat against each other.

After you get the first two sets through, I pulled #3 and 4 up the same manner using the string.

Not sure if you are using 2 or 4 speakers ... my advice for a few extra bucks is to run all four wires in case you want to add more later.

Next go to the upper part of the tower and use the same method. It takes some time fishing the speaker wire out by you'll get there. I used waterproof electrical connectors you can order online, Radio Shack or ectrical contractor supplier.

I also solder the speaker wire ends to protect them

good luck!

02-24-2008, 11:13 AM
I really appreciate the help, that clears alot of things up. Im glad to hear the holes were already drilled in the fiberglass. Ill post some pics after I finish up the wiring this week. Thanks again.