View Full Version : If you're looking for a used Prostar 190, this one is cherry!!

02-08-2008, 05:48 PM
I have been considering with a partner the purchase of another Prostar 190 to park out in the desert in Southern California to be used at a private lake. Our focus has changed a bit and we almost bought this boat. It is such a great boat I wanted to post here about it in case someone that might be looking could benefit by my having physically seen this boat.


This is a special boat a 1995 Pro Star 190 Tour Edition. It has a little less than 300 hours and the owner is in the watercraft industry. The boat is fully maintained. The boat is extremely clean, I mean perfect in almost every way. (There is a minor defect in the gelcoat next to the lifting ring on the front bow, but it is small.) It is fully optioned, and if you are a water skier it does not get better than this, the latest Perfect Pass 6.5ng fully outfitted with the timers for the observer. It has all the perfect pass options, slalom switch and smart timers. It also has a Heater and Shower. I went over the interior and it is perfect. I crawled underneath the boat, never beached and the trailer had very few rock chips. The trailer had been upgraded to disk brakes. The T-top is removable and I had moved forward, I would have peeled off a lot of the gratuitous stickers. (The stickers are interesting, they are authentic Pro Tour stickers and the more I learned about the boat, I found myself wanting to leave them on.)

According to my research, this hull is one of the best for slalom skiing. This thing is like brand new. If you know someone looking for a boat, you can't go wrong telling them about this one.

I have no relationship or any incentive to share this with you other than hope that if there is a Team Talk member looking for a cherry used boat, this should go to someone that will appreciate it. This is truly a special boat. I would be happy to correspond with someone if they want an independent opinion of what I saw when I looked at it.