View Full Version : Walter V-drive removal

lakes Rick
08-08-2004, 01:25 AM
Anyone done this before???

I am not sure if I can remove just the v-drive from the housing, or the v-drive with the housing, or if I have to remove v-drive/housing/tranny all as a unit..

My question it how is the drive shaft between the v drive and tranny coupled??? And how do you disconnect the drive shaft.. I am hoping I can unbolt the V-drive from the housing and remove just it????

As I have stated before, the prop shaft seal is leaking and I would like to get it fixed... Any help out there??????

lakes Rick
08-10-2004, 04:10 PM
Just for everyone's info, I got a response from a Marine transmission outfit... They told me to take off the housing at the Transmission and pull the housing with the v-drive attached to it... You cannot take off the V-drive from the housing while attached to the transmission... If this is so it should be fairly easy.... I hope anyway..

Just to clarify on here...

My Era of boat, 94 V-drive, apparently used the B/W tranny hooked to a housing then the Walter V-drive bolts on to the housing..

Later boats ( not sure what year) switched to the Hurth tranny/v-drive combo, which is a tranny/v-drive all in one unit.......