View Full Version : Fiberglass repair

01-26-2008, 05:07 PM
Ok guys, I have to do a "small" glass repair where the shaft enters the boat in the bilge. Not because of recent damage, but because it leaks, and it is becoming a real thorn in my side. I think the boat was damaged in that area prior to us purchasing it. I had it repaired once about 6 years ago. Can someone tell me what resin and glass mat to purchase. I will probably get it from West Marine if they have what I need. Also, does anyone have the tools to take the shaft nut off and the one that backs the shaft out for a 1 1/8" shaft. Anyone willing to let me borrow them, I'll pay shipping both ways and include some beer/liquid libation money. Wont be able to do it till spring, cuz the resin wont cure in the cold, unless I can get some heat on it. Please advise!!