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08-07-2004, 09:13 PM
Hi guys..

I said if the weather got rotten out here in the Okanagan Valley, I'd try out this GPRS card I got from Rogers Wireless as a demo...

So, after 2 weeks of 90+ degree weather, I guess 2 days of cool and rain is to be expected... We went on wine tours yesterday, so I thought I'd try out this GPRS card today...

It seems to overheat the laptop (Dell Dimension C640), which arbitrarily shuts down after an indeterminate amount of time, but it is kinda cool to be sitting in my travel trailer, running the laptop on its battery, listening to the light rain outside, and saying "hi" to everyone in this forum..

IMO, this GPRS card, running what they call "EDGE" technology, is every bit as fast as the competing "1x" technology. When I get back, I'll find out if the random shutting off problem is a defect in my laptop (probable) or in the GPRS card...

Weather for the remaining week is supposed to be 95+, so it's unlikely I'll be back online for another 10 days or so..

08-09-2004, 07:03 AM

Do keep me posted. One day I'll end up with some service where I ski. When I do - I think a card will be in order for the laptop.