View Full Version : Pleasanton, CA BOAT SHOW

01-11-2008, 11:36 PM
Hello All,

I just came back from the boat show in Pleasanton, CA. I was very disappointed about the show. The show went from four buildings to two as well as no real good deals when it comes to accessories. In the past there were more than a couple vendors selling accessories and more stereo vendors. Looks like the economy has taking a hit in the boating world as well.

I hope it is not just here in Northern Cal.

01-14-2008, 02:00 AM
yes , this years show was a 40% decrease in vendors. I had my booth there , this was my first time as vendor at a boat show. There were a few inboard boat companies that did not have represantation at the show. Although it meant less competition , I believe it is bad as a whole. When people go to a boat show, im sure they expect to see alot different type of boats and a large selection of boat brands. when they only get to see a few, I imagine they feel ripped off and tell their friends " don't bother going to the boat show, there isnt much to see ".

Last year there was a separate tent for the audio and accessory guys. I think alot of these guys pulled out because , now days most boats come fuly loaded with stereo's , towers etc... that there isnt enough demand for the aftermarket stuff to justify the expense for these companies to purchase booth space.

I heard alot of chatter from the vendors complaining about attendance and show hours. Hopefully some new blood comes into the management for Nor Cal boat shows.

This whole experience on the other side was very interesting to say the least.