View Full Version : Mitsubishi WD-65734 DLP HDTV - 65", HDMI, 16:9, 1920 x 1080, 1080p, USB, S-Video

01-03-2008, 01:14 PM


looks like a pretty good deal...... $1599.99:twocents:

nearest google match I found quickly was $1949.99

too rich for my blood, but I can spend someone else's money all day long!:banana:

01-03-2008, 02:28 PM
I saw that also and read the reviews. Soeone stated they bought it for $1399.
I saw the 61 in version at Sams and was impressed.

01-05-2008, 10:08 AM
I have a Mitsubishi DLP (WD-52631 i think) and it buzzes pretty loud. When you are watching a movie and it gets to a quiet part, you can hear it very distinctly. Tech from Conn's came out and said nothing was wrong with TV. I find that hard to believe that it should be that loud. All this high def picture, high def audio, etc for the awesome home theater experience, and you can hear the TV buzzing?

Anyone else have that problem?

I think it is the fan, but like I said, the tech said nothing is wrong with the unit. My neighbor's Samsung DLP, same size does not make that noise.

01-05-2008, 10:21 AM
I've had the WD61825 for about three years and love the picture but have some gripes. Maybe they have improved but on mine...the fans are noisy as stated above, I've had two complete chassis replacements and one light engine replacement (glad I bought the $399 Philips 5 year warranty), despite being right in front the bulb can be a PITA to replace due to the flimsy connector that can drop back into the set requiring a partial disassembly (ask me how I know about that).

Overall, great picture, just some issues but maybe all manufacturers have a few.

01-08-2008, 04:58 PM
I would like one :rolleyes:
http://www.slashgear.com/panasonic-to-reclaim-world-largest-flat-tv-title-150-inches-plasma-249197.php (http://www.slashgear.com/panasonic-to-reclaim-world-largest-flat-tv-title-150-inches-plasma-249197.php)